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Author: Chris Mechsner


Avoid this End of Year Giving Disaster

For most nonprofits, the end of year giving season is in full swing. Even if donors haven’t received your end of year fundraising messaging yet,

Success Stories

Saving Thousands of Dollars…To Save More Teens

A conversation with Adam Gregston, Director of Development & Strategy of Heartlight Ministries. Online transaction fees. Hidden behind a shroud of Internet technology, not many


Cloudflare + RaiseDonors = 💪

The Internet was built to be resilient, flexible, and adaptable. We are seeing this same resilience among our customers: non-profits have been forced to adapt

Success Stories

Customer Stories: Novo

A conversation with Kevin Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Novo. Every organization has both programmatic challenges (How do we accomplish our mission?) and administrative challenges

Success Stories

Customer Stories: The Urban Alternative

A conversation with Joy Glover, Director of Operations at The Urban Alternative. There are few people with as broad of an impact as Dr. Tony