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Feature Spotlight: Recurring Donor Notifications

A monthly donor base is essential to creating long term, sustainable support for your organization. RaiseDonors equips you with a seamless backend system that receipts monthly donors, send notifications if there are denied charges, and provides reporting to track and measure recurring revenue. Based on your feedback, we’ve released a …


Feature Spotlight: Custom content in your donor portal

A donor portal provides measurable value to your fundraising efforts. Empowering donors to manage their recurring donations, update their contact and payment information, and view their giving history can save your team hundreds of hours in support each year. But it’s important to understand that the full value of your …


Feature Spotlight: Multiple Payment Providers

Does your organization need to fundraise in multiple currencies? Are you experiencing issues with your current gateway provider and wish you had a “backup” gateway ready to go? Perhaps you have sub-organizations that use their own payment provider? Maybe you need to funnel restricted funds to a separate bank account? …

Donation Page Optimization

Five Steps to Immediately Transform Your Online Fundraising

Even if your online fundraising efforts are going great, there is always room for improvement! It’s time to smooth out the friction and make it easier for people to donate to your cause. Here are five steps that can bring incredible transformation to your donation experience. Step 1: Identify your …

Donor Relationships

How do I build trust with potential online donors?

If you’re reading a blog about online fundraising, there’s a good chance you’ve partaken in some form of corporate team building. One of the most common tropes of such events is the “trust fall”. This is when we turn our backs to our teammates, close our eyes, and fall backwards …

Donation Page Optimization

How can I increase my online fundraising revenue?

Fortunately, our friends at NextAfter have invested their professional lives into unloading the answer. Allow me to introduce you to the Flux Capacitor of Online Revenue Maximization (FCORM). The recipe for online revenue has only three essential ingredients: Web site traffic Donation conversion rate Average gift size Each ingredient directly …

Donor Relationships

Why not just use a PayPal button for my online fundraising?

“To everything (turn, turn, turn) There is a season (turn, turn, turn) And a time to every purpose, under heaven” – The Byrds For some organizations, a PayPal button is all that is required. If your organization is in start-up mode, you probably don’t yet have an enormous volume of …

Donation Page Optimization

How do I decrease friction in my online giving process?

I hate answering the phone. In fact, there are three levels of disquiet I experience when my phone rings. DefCon Level 1 Someone on my contact list is calling. Perhaps it’s a friend. Maybe it’s a colleague. Either way, as an act of generosity, I let it ring all the …

Donor Relationships

[Podcast] How to Measure & Drive Impact within Your Cause

Gabe Cooper, CEO of Virtuous CRM sat down to speak with Stephen Boudreau of RaiseDonors to discuss online fundraising and growing nonprofits.