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Donor Relationships

Donor Personas 101

No two donors are alike. That’s what makes them special – and what can make it difficult to connect with each one of them in an authentic and relevant way.  Donor personas are the tried-and-true tool you need to raise more donors by respecting these beautiful differences. When you sit …

Donor Relationships

Creating Effective Annual Reports After an Insanely Chaotic Year

It’s the beginning of a new year, and normally that means you’re coming back to the office to put the final touches on your donor annual report before sending it out. But 2020 wasn’t a year that anyone expected. For many nonprofits, 2020 was like a car spinning out of …


RaiseDonors Growing Generosity by Merging with Virtuous

In this post, we’re excited to announce our recent acquisition by Virtuous Software, a company dedicated to helping nonprofits grow generosity and fund their missions! RaiseDonors started 6 years ago with a humble vision to create an intuitive, yet flexible online giving platform to help nonprofits around the world. Since …

Donor Relationships

Get Technology Out of the Way of Storytelling [Part 2]

At RaiseDonors, the big question we ask ourselves is not how we can make our technology cooler. Our big question is how do we make our technology so good that it gets out of the way of your fundraising. When technology gets out of your way, you have more time to …

Donor Relationships

Get Technology Out of the Way of Storytelling [Part 1]

Believe it or not, RaiseDonors isn’t just about technology. 😊 Our focus is built right into our name: raising more donors for your organization. We just happen to use technology to help you do that. Ironically, our primary way of using technology is to get technology out of your way. …


Avoid this End of Year Giving Disaster

For most nonprofits, the end of year giving season is in full swing. Even if donors haven’t received your end of year fundraising messaging yet, chances are, you’ve been working on it for quite some time already to prepare for this all-important fundraising season. And there’s good reason for that. …

Donation Page Optimization

[Webinar] Drive Revenue Through Enhanced Donation Avenues: The Updated Gift Matching Guide

RaiseDonors and Double the donation hosted a joint webinar. It’s hard to believe that 2020 is wrapping up and end-of-year giving is upon us. As you gear up for your final funrdraising push, we want to show you how to take advantage of the most popular form of corporate philanthropy: …

Success Stories

Saving Thousands of Dollars…To Save More Teens

A conversation with Adam Gregston, Director of Development & Strategy of Heartlight Ministries. Online transaction fees. Hidden behind a shroud of Internet technology, not many nonprofit leaders know enough about them to see how they are affecting their organizations financial health. Most nonprofit leaders would say that they’re simply the …

Donor Relationships

Premiums and Online Giving

The holidays are coming, so let’s talk about gifts. Should you offer a thank you gift or “premium” in exchange for an online gift? Find out here. Whether or not fundraisers should offer donors thank you gifts or “premiums” has been argued about for decades. In 2012, an article from …