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Donation Page Optimization

Avoid Abandoned Online Gifts

Online fundraising depends on several things, but few things are as important as building trust. That’s why branding your donation pages is a must. Here’s how to do it. At first, you might think that the ability to customize your RaiseDonors donation pages with your unique nonprofit branding, colors, and …

Success Stories

Muttville Saves Monthly Donor Program Using RaiseDonors 

A conversation with Erick Smith, Development Operations Manager for Muttville. For animal shelter volunteer Sherri Franklin, it was frustrating to see older dogs always getting passed up for adoption. They had great personalities. They were potty-trained. They were great with kids. But the longer a dog stayed in the shelter, …


10 Companies With Awesome Corporate Matching Gift Programs

Many of your supporters are employed by companies with corporate matching gift programs. Here are 10 of our favorites— and how you can get your donors involved. Did you know that more than 18 million people are currently employed by companies with matching gift programs in place? However, the majority …


Cloudflare + RaiseDonors = 💪

The Internet was built to be resilient, flexible, and adaptable. We are seeing this same resilience among our customers: non-profits have been forced to adapt in response to massive changes in online behavior. Cloudflare has amassed a wealth of information about the pandemic’s effect on Internet traffic, usage, and threats. …

Donor Relationships

Digital Fundraising Post-COVID-19

For many years there has been a divide in the way we do fundraising online vs. offline. Development departments spend significant time in getting to know their donors, building relationships and offering a personalized approach, while online donors have received a one size fits all experience. Technology is more capable …

Donor Relationships

Personalization and automation in digital fundraising

RaiseDonors Co-Founder Stephen Boudreau sat down for a digital conversation with Chad Williams of FiveQ to discuss the importance of personalization, optimization, and automation(… all the important “-ions”… ) in digital fundraising. 🤓

Success Stories

Customer Stories: Novo

A conversation with Kevin Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Novo. Every organization has both programmatic challenges (How do we accomplish our mission?) and administrative challenges (How do we organize the work to accomplish our mission in the most effective way?). One nonprofit tackling both of these challenges with the help …

Donation Page Optimization

5 Matching Gift Stats That All Fundraisers Should Know

Learn how to leverage matching gifts to your audience and bring in boosted fundraising revenue in no time. Check out these 5 impressive statistics to share! Nonprofit professionals across the globe are always looking for new ways to boost their fundraising efforts. How would you feel about unleashing a new …

Success Stories

Making Multi-brand Fundraising Easy: Denison Ministries

A conversation with Jennifer Abohosh, Chief Marketing Officer of Denison Ministries. Our customers are the real heroes of the RaiseDonors story. They’re the ones who daily put the RaiseDonors’ philosophy to work by applying Golden Rule fundraising, carefully testing out what works, and working to remove friction from the giving …