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Marketing Matching Gifts: The Small Nonprofit’s Quick Tips

Employer matching gifts have the power to transform your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy, even if your donor base isn’t substantial. They enable eligible donors to double (sometimes even triple!) the donations they’re already making. However, nonprofits and donors alike constantly overlook them. In fact, $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue is …

Donation Page Optimization

Can a small tweak to your donate button increase gifts by 190%?

One of the most powerful ways to increase online donor conversions is also one of the most obvious: put a donate button on your homepage! Here’s how. When someone lands on your homepage, what do you think is the most common question they have on their mind? Well, the answer …

Donation Page Optimization

How Many Donation Pages Do You Need?

A donation page can’t be everything to everyone. That’s why you need multiple donation pages. But how many donation pages do you need? One of the biggest mistakes nonprofits make today in their online fundraising is putting up only one donation page. After all the work of getting a donation …

Donation Page Optimization

7 Donation Page Lessons From an Analysis of 203 Organizations

A simple search for “Donation page best practices” brings up article after article of ideas to implement on your page. And honestly, most of them are based on gut feelings or “fundraising instinct” as opposed to real data and research. As a result, every fundraiser seems to have their own …

Donation Page Optimization

Tips for GivingTuesday

Started in 2012, the GivingTuesday movement hasn’t slowed down at all. In fact, the total amount of money raised in 2018 was $400 million! If you aren’t completely aware of what GivingTuesday’s all about, it’s an internationally organized giving event set on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday each …

Donor Relationships

The Difference Between Giving and Buying

Are you designing your donation pages just like you would a landing page for a product? It’s time to rethink what makes donation pages work. Many of us in the nonprofit world come from a for-profit background. Typically, this is a huge advantage. It’s a good thing that you don’t …

Donor Relationships

[Webinar] Donor Centricity: How Your Tech Stack Should Begin with the Donor in Mind

Is your priority raising donors or is it raising dollars? The question is not if both are important—the question is about what is most important. Our answer to that question reflects in all the decisions we make: from the people we hire, to the software that runs our back office, …

Donation Page Optimization

How a Benchmark Study Can Help You Raise Donors

Does seeing what others are doing help you improve your fundraising? We think so. Here’s why we think you should too. There are a lot of voices out there with great ideas on what you should be doing to raise money for your organization.  But how do you know which …

Research Data
Donation Page Optimization

What We Learned by Giving to 203 Nonprofits

When you give this much online, you learn a lot about what makes a donation page work, and what doesn’t. Here’s what we found by giving to 203 organizations. First of all, it’s not a typo – we did in fact give a gift to 203 organizations!  From February 27 …