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Donor Relationships

Closing the Distance Between You and Your Donors

At the heart of fundraising is a relationship. Not with a dollar, but with a donor. And so the wider the distance between you and your donor, the more difficult and impersonal it will be to ask for help. In the world online fundraising, closing that distance actually means that …

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Donation Page Optimization

Is Your Giving Page Optimized?

“Build it and they will give” is not a good way to think about online fundraising. Just because you set up your giving page with some text, an image, and a giving form does not mean that donors who come to your site will be motivated to give. Not all …

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Donation Page Optimization

Secrets to Improving Giving Page Performance

Giving pages are essential to any online fundraising strategy. Here’s how to take your giving page performance up a notch⁠—or three!   As online giving becomes more and more indispensable among donors, nonprofit organizations have to start paying closer attention to their giving pages. They are perhaps the quickest way to …

Online Security

How Online Security Works

Half the battle in online security is knowledge. Do you know how online security and RaiseDonors work together to protect you? At RaiseDonors, we’re committed to keeping you and your donors safe online. Even if nothing bad has happened to you yet – the risks are high and the threat …

Donor Relationships

Crisis Fundraising Done Right

No one likes to do it, but the time will come when you have to do crisis fundraising. Here’s how to raise emergency funds while keeping your donor relationships strong. Crisis fundraising is a tough fact of our existence. Bad things happen to good people. And bad things happen to …


Encrypted Parameters: Security and Convenience for Your Giving Pages (Part 2 of 2)

At RaiseDonors, we’ve developed technology which allows you to pre-fill the donation page with your donor’s information in an encrypted and obfuscated way. But how do you implement this incredibly secure tool to protect your organization and your donors? That’s what we’re going to talk about in our article today. …


Encrypted Parameters: Security and Convenience for Your Giving Pages (Part 1 of 2)

Security is an important, but often overlooked feature when it comes to online giving. In big and small ways, security is a part of every part of the online giving experience. When we first launched RaiseDonors, there was no way to pre-fill donation forms. Time went by and we evolved …

Donation Page Optimization

Pre-filled Forms: The Ultimate Gift for Your Donor

Discover how you can make your giving pages even better for conversions by setting up pre-filled forms on your donation pages with RaiseDonors! Before we get to the tech, let’s start with the philosophy. Raising donors is different than raising money. Of course, by raising donors you will also raise …


[Webinar] The Most Underrated Optimization That Will Transform Your Online Fundraising – Automation

In this webinar hosted by Virtuous CRM & RaiseDonors, we cover several topics around online fundraising optimization. Mainly, Automation and its importance in creating more generosity in a nonprofit. Using Automation to optimize your online fundraising is essential to creating personalized, lasting relationships with your donors. Find the inefficiencies in …