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Category: Donor Relationships

Donor Relationships

The Difference Between Giving and Buying

Are you designing your donation pages just like you would a landing page for a product? It’s time to rethink what makes donation pages work.

Donor Relationships

What do nonprofits really have to offer?

Fundraising can sometimes feel like your just taking money from people. But you’re really adding so much to people’s lives. You’re offering happiness. If you’re

Donor Relationships

The No. 1 Mistake Nonprofits Make in Fundraising

Not hitting your fundraising goals? Make sure you’re not making this way too common mistake nonprofits do when fundraising. You work hard. Your team works

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Donor Relationships

When to Listen to “the Experts”

There are a lot of “experts” out there trying to help nonprofits raise more money. Who should you listen to and when? With over 1.5

Donor Relationships

Crisis Fundraising Done Right

No one likes to do it, but the time will come when you have to do crisis fundraising. Here’s how to raise emergency funds while