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Episode 4: Coming June 25 June 25

Biweekly Webcast

The Online Giving Breakdown

What does it really mean to “optimize your giving experience”? We’re breaking it down.

Raising more money online isn’t magic. It’s the result of optimizing your processes and platforms to get better and better results. 

It’s about putting yourself in the mindset of your donors and creating a giving experience that motivates generosity while reducing friction and anxiety. Even more than form fields and payment processing, online giving is about the donor’s mind. 

The choices you make about each element of the experience have the potential to inadvertently demotivate, confuse, or alienate your donors. Or, they can motivate donors and demonstrate the value of giving.

So how, exactly, do we motivate and inspire, instead of complicate or confuse?

The RaiseDonors Online Giving Breakdown offers quick advice for nonprofit leaders who want to grow online giving. With a combination of real-life critiques and the latest research, each episode gives practical suggestions and the reasons you should try them. 

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