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Security & Performance

Secure & reliable online fundraising

We provide RaiseDonors in the safest, fastest, and most reliable way possible


99.95% Uptime

Systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Encrypted Pages

All data is secured with SHA-256 RSA-encrypted keys.


Secure Data

All payments encrypted and stored with payment processor.

Fraud Prevention

RaiseDonors performs fraud analysis on every transaction using industry-standard and proprietary algorithms to verify donor identity, the origin of the request, and validity of the transaction. If fraud is detected, actions are taken to eliminate the activity.

Payments are stored in a PCI-Compliant Vault

All payment information is handled under strict PCI compliance and stored in a secure, third-party vault. All communication containing payments is transferred directly between the donor and the gateway—never touching the RaiseDonors platform.

Network Security

RaiseDonors' servers are protected by firewalls and security rules to limit access. All server transactions are logged and audited by automated processes. RaiseDonors utilizes Host-based Intrusion Detection systems to alert our security team of unusual activity.

Physical Security

RaiseDonors' servers are located in world-class, highly secure data centers with electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. Data centers are staffed 24/7 by trained security guards, and access is strictly controlled


RaiseDonors ensures all data at rest is encrypted. All communication from the datacenter to the web is served over TLS 1.2+ / SSL encryption.

Auditing and Logging

All activity is logged and reviewed on a recurring schedule. All detected activity that is deemed malicious is reviewed and appropriate action is taken.


RaiseDonors cooperates with the United States Secret Service and FBI to understand current threat patterns and underground rings working with fraudulent credit cards and payment methods.

Threat Management

Malware and distributed denial-of-service attacks are constantly monitored on all environments in RaiseDonors. Appropriate resources are in place to resolve all matters.

Research Study

The State of Online Donation Pages

For any organization to raise money online, a donor has to land on a donation page. And based on research from RaiseDonors and NextAfter, every organization has room to improve their donation page.

You’ll also learn tested and proven strategies from real experiments with real organizations that will help you verifiably increase donations and revenue from your online donation pages.