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About RaiseDonors

What Drives Us

At RaiseDonors, we are committed to helping charities reimagine generosity. We believe that charitable giving is about personal connections, not sales transactions. Generosity is driven by our passions and relationships – and givers want to feel like they are part of a movement bigger than themselves.

All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.

Tom Northup

RaiseDonors Helps Nonprofits

Be Better

A beautiful, intuitive giving experience + flexible, extensible technology + a skilled, experienced team who cares about you = growth for your organization and mission.

Create Good

We need more good in a world full of injustice and sorrow. RaiseDonors strives to help charities roll back the tide and create more good.

Build Relationships

True generosity is relational, and giving always starts with a connection to a community. It is fundamentally personal.

Be Joyful

We choose to bring joy into our work. We want to be a team to focus on bringing positivity and smiles to our charities.

Be Efficient

A beautiful, intuitive giving experience + flexible, extensible technology + a skilled, experienced team who cares about you = growth for your organization and mission.

Inspire Lasting Change

Change can be courageous, purposeful, and sustainable. Virtuous works directly with charities to create a lasting impact on their communities.

Our Cultural Values

Team & Family

The RaiseDonors Team and their families are at the heart of everything we do. If we neglect our own health and families, we can never expect to truly do good in the world. We foster a flexible and family-friendly work environment – we want our team to flourish in and out of work. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


In order to build great products, we need to truly understand our customers and the people that they serve. We are relentless in pursuing market needs, and we are continuously engaged in conversations and product testing to make our products better. We zero in on ideas with the highest potential, then we make those ideas reality.


We have an insatiable desire to make things better. We aren’t content to make small, incremental improvements – we want to redefine our market. We hire the best and brightest team members to help reshape generosity.


We believe working together is always better. A high-functioning team and clear communication are the keys to truly successful organizations. We work side by side with our team and our users to create the highest possible value for our products.

Delighting Users

We know the best products will inspire users and that visual design can fuel our passions. Our award-winning design team is driven to create a visual impact that truly transcends the status quo.


We pursue excellence in all areas of our process. Our code, strategy, communication and design are all created to exceed industry standards for technology. We believe in a pixel-perfect user experience, and we implement a strict quality assurance process to ensure impeccable standards for our products.

Research Study

The State of Online Donation Pages

For any organization to raise money online, a donor has to land on a donation page. And based on research from RaiseDonors and NextAfter, every organization has room to improve their donation page.

You’ll also learn tested and proven strategies from real experiments with real organizations that will help you verifiably increase donations and revenue from your online donation pages.