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Donors and Workplace Giving
Donation Page Optimization

Donors & Workplace Giving: What it Means for Your Nonprofit

Donors play a significant role in successful workplace giving strategies. Find out how your nonprofit can encourage donor participation to drive gifts.


Using PayPal to Increase Conversion Rates

There are many options and integrations you can leverage to boost your online fundraising with RaiseDonors.   Of course, not every nonprofit needs to use all of RaiseDonors’ features to be successful. In fact, I would discourage anyone from simply turning on features without also tracking if there are impacts (both …

Two people sit at a table. One smiles at the other.
Donor Relationships

4 Concepts to Consider for Your Value Proposition

Out of all the things there are to learn about online fundraising, defining your value proposition is the most fundamental. Your value proposition is the key to each step up the donor mountain—because each step prompts questions in the mind of your donor. Why should they open your email? Why …

Red haired person wearing coat and carrying backpack surveys a lake and distant snow-covered mountain
Donor Relationships

Mapping Your Donor’s Journey

Imagine you’re about to go on a hike. You’re heading into the wilderness, finding a mountain, and going to the top!  That plot twist is that you’re completely unprepared: no equipment, no map, and no idea of what’s ahead. Also, you’ve never gone on a hike before.  While I appreciate …

Donation Page Optimization

Should Nonprofits Give Donors the Option to Cover Transaction Fees?

Asking donors to cover the transaction fees on their online gifts has become commonplace on giving forms these days. It’s not hard to see why.  While these fees might seem small at the transactional level, over the course of a year they can eat a considerable portion of your nonprofit’s …

Woman bites pencil while looking at laptop in frustration
Donation Page Optimization

5 Reasons Donors Choose Not to Give

It’s tough to think about, but the reality is that 98 to 99% of the people who visit your website will not make a donation.  Beyond that, somewhere around 80 to 85% of the people who click on your “Donate” button are not going to complete their gift.  So we …

3 Best Tips to Maximize Holiday Giving
Donor Relationships

3 Best Tips to Maximize Holiday Fundraising in 2021

This guest post was provided by Double the Donation According to end-of-year fundraising research, 30% of all annual nonprofit giving takes place in December of each year. It’s not a coincidence that this final month also contains a ton of widely celebrated holidays for all sorts of groups and people. …

Donation Page Optimization

3 Reasons to Add an ACH Payment Option to Your Donation Pages [And How to Do It]

Have you set up your giving page to accept ACH payments as a giving option yet? If you’re not sure about going this route, let’s talk about why you should at least consider accepting ACH payments.  Not so long ago, checks dominated the giving landscape. But today, paper checks are …

Donation Page Optimization

The Best Data to Collect for Matching Gift Fundraising

This guest post was provided by Double the Donation Effective matching gift strategies can help your nonprofit secure additional fundraising revenue, increase donor engagement, and build mutually beneficial relationships with charitably-minded businesses. However, not many organizations are making the most of these powerful corporate giving opportunities. If you’re looking to …