Create Stunning Pages with an Intuitive Donation Page Builder

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Imagine a tool so intuitive that creating a donation page becomes an effortless joy. That’s the magic of RaiseDonors’ donation page builder!

It’s not just about making donation pages—it’s about crafting experiences that captivate your supporters and inspire generosity. Dive into the journey and see how seamless setup and limitless customization can transform your fundraising efforts.

Watch a quick example, then explore the possibilities that await you.


Effortless Setup

Starting with RaiseDonors is like opening a gift you didn’t know you needed. The donation page builder offers you the freedom to choose: use a beautifully crafted template or let your creativity run wild from scratch. You’re in control.

With just a few clicks, you can customize the URL to reflect your brand, seamlessly connect donations to specific marketing segments, and select your preferred payment gateway.

It’s not just easy—it’s empowering. Imagine setting up a donation page that feels like it was custom-built for your mission, because with RaiseDonors, it is.

Seamless Customization

Once you’ve set up the basics, the real fun begins. RaiseDonors’ donation page builder isn’t just a tool—it’s a playground for your creativity. Imagine having the power to customize every single aspect of your donation page. From the header to the footer, you can make it uniquely yours. Add your logo, adjust the colors to match your brand, and include important links that guide your supporters.

Want to highlight specific information or add interactive elements? Go ahead. The drag-and-drop interface lets you place components exactly where you want them. Create sections and columns effortlessly, making your page both attractive and functional.

With RaiseDonors, your donation page isn’t just a page—it’s a reflection of your organization’s unique style and needs, designed to engage and inspire.

Engaging, Flexible Giving Forms

The giving form is the beating heart of your donation page, and RaiseDonors’ donation page builder gives you the tools to make it pulse with life. With RaiseDonors, you can craft a form that’s as simple or as detailed as your mission requires.

Need a streamlined process? Done. Want to gather more information? No problem. Choose from various display options, like a Lightbox that elegantly pops up over the page, capturing your donor’s attention without interruption.

Customize every step and field to ensure the journey feels personal and meaningful. This flexibility ensures that your donors have a seamless and enjoyable giving experience.

With RaiseDonors, you’re not just creating a form—you’re creating a connection that resonates with every click.

Final Touches and Publishing

Before you hit publish, take a moment to preview your masterpiece. With RaiseDonors’ donation page builder, you can ensure everything looks just right. Fine-tune the settings, tweak the design, and even test the email templates that will greet your donors warmly.

For those embedding a form into an existing website, RaiseDonors makes it effortless. A simple code snippet is all it takes to integrate the form seamlessly. It’s the final touch that brings your vision to life, ensuring your donation page is ready to inspire and engage.

With RaiseDonors, you’re not just building a page—you’re creating an experience that speaks volumes about your cause.

Elevate Your Fundraising

With RaiseDonors’ donation page builder, elevating your fundraising efforts is both straightforward and enjoyable. This isn’t just about building a page—it’s about creating an experience that captivates and converts. Whether you’re starting from scratch or customizing a template, this tool empowers you to craft a donation page that truly represents your organization.

Imagine a page that doesn’t just look professional but also engages and inspires generosity. With RaiseDonors, you can bring this vision to life, making every interaction with your supporters meaningful and impactful. Start building today and watch your fundraising efforts soar.

Start using RaiseDonors today and watch your fundraising efforts soar!