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Donation Pages

Effortless giving experiences

Easily embed donation forms anywhere—providing a seamless giving experience wherever and whenever donors are ready to give.

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“I’ve been using RaiseDonors for seven years now, and still recommend the platform 10 out of 10 times. The forms are intentional, built on research that makes hitting revenue goals easy, while packaged in beautiful interface that donors love. And, the customer service is phenomenal. This is the only fundraising tool I can’t live without!”

Jennifer Abohosh
Chief Marketing Officer, Denison Ministries

Fast, flexible donation page & experience builder

The RaiseDonors page builder makes it ultra-easy to create a compelling giving experience that serves as a natural extension of your brand. But it’s also flexible enough to customize the giving experience to best meet your goals.

No more stress or frustration updating campaigns. All it takes is a few clicks to launch completely custom donation pages that are directly integrated with your other fundraising tools.

Automation & Personalization

RaiseDonors helps you automatically provide a personalized experience every time a donor makes a gift.

Nurture trust with donors by providing:

  • Instant, personalized thank you pages and thank you emails
  • Automated, personalized receipts for recurring donors
  • Customizable decline notifications for recurring donors
  • Pre-populated forms with donor data
  • Personalized tribute gift emails
  • Individual donor portal for each donor to manage giving
RaiseDonors Donor Management

Flexible ways to give and receive donations

Empower donors to give using their preferred payment method. Donation forms can collect credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and ACH donations.

Accept in multiple currencies, split gifts across multiple projects, and deposit funds into multiple bank accounts.

Everything you need for an
effective online giving experience

How donors feel about their giving experience directly impacts whether they will give again in the future.


Embed anywhere

Embed a personalized form on your website or create a dedicated donation page with your branding.


Match Your Brand

Provides donors with an experience that communicates in your voice from start to finish.


Personalized Gratitude

Personalize how you thank your donors with personalized messaging on thank you pages and emails.


Automatic Receipts

Automatically send personalized confirmation per page. Send separate first-time and subsequent emails for recurring donors.


PDF Receipts

Give your donors an official (fully customizable) tax-deductible PDF receipt after each successful donation.


Mobile Optimized

All forms and pages are optimized to provide an intuitive giving experience on all smart mobile devices.


Mobile Payments

Donors can give using PayPal or Apple Pay and have the donation form autofill with their saved information.


Pre-populate Forms

Delight donors by reducing the friction of having to fill out an empty donation form.


Split-Fund Giving

Set up unlimited funds that allow donors to choose where they want their gifts to go.


Incentive Offers

If your organization produces physical or digital resources, offering the ability for donors to request these items can encourage larger donations.


Company Matching

RaiseDonors partners with Double the Donation to automate employer matching. This enables donors to easily look up their employer and increase their giving impact.


Donors Cover Fee

Provide donors the opportunity to add a percentage to their gift to cover transaction fees. Turn this feature on or off with a click.


Goal Progress Bars

Encourage donors to increase the impact of their gift and help reach a fundraising goal.


Donation Dedications

Enable donors to give in honor or in memory of someone and automatically share their dedication via email.


Social Sharing

Drive more engagement via social media by utilizing built-in sharing options on thank you pages.


Attribution Tracking

Capture UTM and other attribution parameters with donations and gain insight into your marketing ROI.


Custom Domains

Seamlessly integrate your donation pages on your own website via your own domain, without losing out on any functionality.


Custom Code

Need even more flexibility? Customize one or all of your forms by easily adding custom CSS and JS code.


Communication Preferences

Provide donors with the ability to opt-in to their preferred channels of communication.


GDPR Compliant

RaiseDonors enables you to manage and track GDPR privacy and security requirements for donor data and communication preferences.


Gift Aid Ready

Take advantage of Gift Aid by determining donor eligibility and obtaining declaration on any donation form.

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Research Study

The State of Online Donation Pages

For any organization to raise money online, a donor has to land on a donation page. And based on research from RaiseDonors and NextAfter, every organization has room to improve their donation page.

You’ll also learn tested and proven strategies from real experiments with real organizations that will help you verifiably increase donations and revenue from your online donation pages.