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Donor Portal

Empower donors with self-service

A secure, branded portal builds trust with donors and frees up staff time. That means more time to invest in mission and less spent on logistics.

“The team at RaiseDonors truly understands nonprofits and the importance of our mission.”
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Todd Shinabarger, Chief Information Officer, Operation Mobiliztion

Online Donor Portal

A donor portal empowers your donors and saves your team valuable time. But more than that, a donor portal is an incredible opportunity to remind and thank donors for the impact their gifts are making.

A donor portal enables donors to:

  • Manage their recurring donations
  • Update their payment methods
  • View their giving history 
  • Resend themselves digital receipts
  • Keep their personal information up-to-date
  • Make a new donation in a pre-populated form
  • Receive updates and messages from your organization

Empower Donors to Manage Recurring Gifts

Adjust Donation Amount
Donors can quickly and easily update their monthly giving amount on their own time. 

Adjust Donation Date
Donors can update the day of the month when their recurring gift is charged—all without needing to tie up valuable staff time. 

Adjust Payment Method
Expired card? New card? New bank account? No problem. Donors can update their preferred payment method in seconds. 

Deepen Donor Trust
with a Flexible Donor Portal

RaiseDonors is designed to build better donor relationships and increase impact with confidence.

Deepen donor relationships

Go beyond just administration of recurring gifts and use the opportunity to remind donors why they gave in the first place. With custom layouts and data, you can showcase how their ongoing support is making an impact.

Welcome donors with a custom login screen

From start to finish, a donor is greeted with your voice and your branding. While the initial value of a portal can be focussed on saving your staff time,—every touchpoint with a donor is an opportunity to say thank you.

Use Your Own Custom Code

Want to push the boundaries of the donor portal? Dial it in exactly how you need it by using your own custom CSS and Javascript—or leverage our API to bring in additional data.

Pre-populate Donation Forms

A donor portal is a great opportunity to provide an opportunity to make a gift. It's also a great place for donors to give as their entire donation form will be pre-populated.

Research Study

The State of Online Donation Pages

For any organization to raise money online, a donor has to land on a donation page. And based on research from RaiseDonors and NextAfter, every organization has room to improve their donation page.

You’ll also learn tested and proven strategies from real experiments with real organizations that will help you verifiably increase donations and revenue from your online donation pages.