Feature Spotlight: Multiple Payment Providers

Does your organization need to fundraise in multiple currencies?

Are you experiencing issues with your current gateway provider and wish you had a “backup” gateway ready to go?

Perhaps you have sub-organizations that use their own payment provider?

Maybe you need to funnel restricted funds to a separate bank account?

Or you might have recurring donors setup at multiple gateways?

When it comes to processing your payments, there are a myriad of reasons why having multiple payment providers can improve the efficiency and value of your fundraising process.

With RaiseDonors, adding additional payment providers is incredibly simple. And once you’re done, you can assign a specific payment provider to each individual donation page you create.

Simplify reporting to your back office, leave currency conversion rates behind, and ensure all recurring donations are receipted and flow through to your internal systems. And ensure you have redundancy built into your fundraising efforts for when (not “if”) the inevitable downtime with your gateway happens.

With the Multiple Payment Provider feature, you can integrate any number or combination of providers with your account. It’s quick and easy to set up instantly!