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Nonprofit Payment Processing

Virtuous Payments is an integrated payment management platform supported by RaiseDonors and is built to give your nonprofit the control needed over gift processing and reconciliation.

This is combined with 24/7 security and fraud protection, cost-saving processing rates, and hands-on support from setup on day one till forever.

Payment processing for nonprofits

Designed for generosity, built for nonprofits

When your donors give, they’re doing something transformational. Your payment processing shouldn’t be merely transactional; generosity is deeply meaningful, not a sales process. Virtuous Payments is built for nonprofits by design, so your giving experience delivers the personal connection modern donors seek, all the way through making the gift.

Virtuous Payments isn’t a sales system adapted to nonprofit needs⏤it’s designed for generosity from the ground up. We know the headache of typical reconciliation, and have removed the friction between fundraising and finance.

You deserve full visibility into your data. Virtuous Payments robust dashboard gives you immediate insight and makes it easy to set your own custom gift threshold, and manage gift processing and refunds. 


Control your workload with robust donor note and task functionality, plus powerful automation. Leverage dynamic workflows to ensure every donor gets a highly personalized follow-up that is scalable and easy for you. 

Payment Management & Reconciliation

Finally, fundraising and finance are aligned

Virtuous Payments instantly integrates with Virtuous Nonprofit CRM, making reconciliation reports simple, and giving both the fundraising and finance teams the information they need in language they understand. No constant import/export, no silos, no problem.

All your data in one place, so you don’t have to move it around multiple systems for your entire team to access it. Virtuous Payments removes friction between functions⏤instantly aligning fundraising and finance.

Virtuous Payments’ easy-to-use tools help your accounting team to do reconciliation, refunds and reporting without hassle and keep your fundraising team aware of donors’ activity and generosity.

Payments Support from Nonprofit Experts

Hands-on help from setup to support, and long-term success

Virtuous Payments is your nonprofit payment processing partner. We’re your champion, cheerleader, and support team, ready to help so you can do the good you do.

We’re committed to generosity and passionate about nonprofits. When you talk to support, you won’t have to explain what a “pass-through” gift is, or get into why only half of your ticket fee is tax-deductible–we get it. Most of the support team in your corner has also been in your shoes, on the ground at a nonprofit organization.

You don’t have to figure this out with a couple of articles and your own determination. Payments includes expert guidance, training and hands-on support to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.

Explore the difference

Industry-leading processing rates fit for nonprofits
Easy reporting and simplified reconciliation
Ongoing support from experts that know nonprofits

Simplify reconciliation with a powerful payments platform designed for you

Designed for Generosity

Clarify your nonprofit's fundraising operations and deliver a safe, convenient payment experience for your supporters.

Simplified Systems

Simplify your operations with the ability to collect and manage payments all from within RaiseDonors. Designed to simplify and free up hours to focus on growing your mission

Security and Compliance

Virtuous Payments offers the highest level of PCI compliance available, includes 24/7 fraud protection, and adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring your donor and payment data is safe and secure.

Multiple Payment Types

Flexible, convenient payment options to easily process credit, debit, and ACH payments in-person, online or over the phone. Payments is a simplified experience designed for nonprofits.

Expedite Payments

Streamline the payment experience and eliminate the dependence on slow payment methods and boost cash flow without compromising activity.

Worry Free Reporting

Detailed reporting and robust analytics allow you to effortlessly find any transaction or deposit and drill down. Easily export or integrate payment data into your finance or accounting software.