Say hello to growth!

What are you looking for in an online fundraising platform? Ease-of-use? Security? Specific features? While those are all important—what we all need is growth.

A quick Google search for “online giving platforms” reveals a vast ocean of options.

Some strong. Some weak. Some you’ve seen before. Some you’ve never heard of.  It can be overwhelming knowing what is right for you.

You’ve probably been through a couple of these options. In fact, most nonprofit leaders have used at least three different fundraising platforms by the time they try out RaiseDonors.

So why are nonprofits switching online giving platforms so often?  Why did you move on from one provider to the next?

Sometimes internal system changes—like a new CRM or payment processor— prompt a switch.  Sometimes you are looking for a specific feature or style.   But in my experience working with nonprofits for the past 20-ish years, there’s a consistent, irrefutable reason that drives change.

It’s About the Results

Most nonprofits leave fundraising platforms because they’re just not getting the results that they’re looking for.

In other words, the number one reason people are looking to move from one platform to another isn’t bad software. It’s bad results.

Maybe at first, you were optimistic about your shiny, new online giving platform.  But as time went on, you realized the needle just wasn’t moving.

You’re not growing. Things aren’t working.

Who cares about that slick new interface or fancy widget when you’re not reaching your fundraising goals and growing your organization?

Removing the Barriers to Growth

At RaiseDonors, our focus is a bit different. We don’t want to be just another donation page tool.

We want to be a partner in the growth of your organization.

We want to help you raise donors, not just help you accept donations online.

So how does RaiseDonors help you grow your organization?

Well, we can’t solicit gifts for you. We can’t meet your donors or prospective donors and explain your mission.

But we can help remove the barriers between you and your donors.

The Barriers Between You and Your Donors

In your day-to-day work of fundraising, you’re constantly running into barriers that create friction.

Friction slows you down, it creates resistance, and it increases the chances that you’ll get a “no” when you ask for a gift.

Complicated software is a barrier between you and your donors.

When you spend more time figuring out how to move an image on your page than you do crafting your fundraising copy, you’ve got a problem.

The bulk of your time should be spent on the most important parts of the process: communicating your value proposition.

Poor security or lack of encryption is a barrier.

If your donors can’t trust you with their personal financial information, you’ve got a BIG problem.

To raise donors, you must have a system staying ahead of the curve in digital security to keep your donors and their data safe.

Ridiculously high prices are a barrier.

No one should feel bad about paying a reasonable price for a quality service or tool. But your fundraising platform should be helping you generate revenue, not costing you time and money.

Org-centric landing pages are a barrier between you and your donors.

Talking too much about your organization creates friction. The focus of your copy should be on how the donor can make a difference through their giving.

Org-centric copy that touts your important mission, your storied history, and your proven strategies…. These may all be true and quite impressive, but we’ve all gotten stuck talking to “that guy” at a dinner party and it doesn’t really encourage a long-term relationship.

When a donor arrives on your donation page, they have one important decision to make, “Will I make a donation?”

You might think that the more they know about you, the more likely they are to give. But donors don’t give because of you, they give because they want to fulfill their purpose.

They give because they feel they’ve been put on this earth to make life better for orphans, the environment, the oppressed, endangered species… you get the idea.

You’re the one who gives them the opportunity to turn their money into satisfaction in the form of a gift that can help make a difference.

Manual data entry is a barrier.

The more time you spend entering gift and donor information into a database, the less time you have to spend with donors communicating your mission.

And if you’ve ever corrected the mailing addresses in your system, you know how fast data maintenance can eat up your time.

RaiseDonors helps you get closer to your donors by giving you back your time.

With RaiseDonors, you can pull donor reports, gift reports, and campaign reports. You can also export your gift information to your donor database.

But that’s just the beginning.

We’ve also created integrations with some of your favorite donor CRM’s, marketing software, and other essential tools to help save you even more time and avoid frustration. Here’s a few of them:

  • Salesforce
  • Aegis
  • Virtuous
  • Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge
  • Kindful
  • DonorPerfect
  • SmartyStreets
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • and more…

Compiling campaign metrics is a barrier.

When you create a fundraising strategy, it’s not just about clicking “send” on an email campaign and calling it a day. It’s important to know how your efforts are performing.  How many people are coming to your page? What is the conversion rate? What about the average gift size?

Knowing your results is the only way to begin optimizing your online giving.

But staying on top of this data can be menacing and time consuming. With RaiseDonors, you can get your time back—while still tracking all your essential success metrics!

More than a donation page.

RaiseDonors does a lot of things. But honestly, there’s only one thing we really do.

We help nonprofits grow by providing technology and experiences that remove barriers to successful online fundraising

Technology is important. Data security and legal compliance is essential.

We do all that. But it’s just the beginning.

We’re here to remove barriers from your day-to-day work that create distance between you and your donors.

Believe me. Our donation pages are awesome.

But we’re not solving awesome donation pages. We’re solving growth.

So how can we help you grow?

Contact us today and find out.