Uniting for Impact: RaiseDonors & Virtuous

In this post, we’re excited to announce our recent acquisition by Virtuous Software, a company dedicated to helping nonprofits grow generosity and fund their missions!

RaiseDonors started in 2014 with a humble vision to create an intuitive, yet flexible online giving platform to help nonprofits around the world.

Since then, we’ve come a long way and are privileged to have helped many nonprofits raise more donors for their cause.

Of course, within these past six years, we’ve been blessed with many great friendships and partnerships.

At its core, fundraising is a team sport.

Donors, nonprofits, solution providers—all of us are a part of making the change we want to see in our world.

But today, we get to share with you the beginning of a much bigger partnership!


Virtuous Acquires RaiseDonors to Grow Generosity in More Nonprofit Organizations

Virtuous is a software provider passionate about amplifying the work of great charities by helping nonprofits improve their relationships with donors.

On the technology side, Virtuous adds tremendous value to organizations that need a responsive CRM platform to track their relationships with donors, marketing management, marketing automation, and a comprehensive marketing/fundraising analytics tool.

But on the human side, you’ll rarely find a better team!

The company values Virtuous stands for couldn’t be a better fit for us at RaiseDonors.

For a closer look at Virtuous’ fundraising philosophy and company culture, take a look at their Responsive Fundraising Framework.

Or, consider ordering a copy of Virtuous CEO Gabe Cooper’s latest book, Responsive Fundraising.

Please know we don’t get anything if you buy his book!

We recommend it because we think you’ll find it very helpful, and it’s a way to get to know our new team.

The added leadership and expertise of the Virtuous team means we’ll be able to serve you in bigger and better ways in the future.

Gabe Cooper and the whole Virtuous team know something about fundraising.

That’s why they’ve seen massive growth in their clientele across international development, human services, healthcare, and cause-based nonprofits.

And we’re grateful to be a part of helping them grow generosity in nonprofits around the world.

“Flexible online giving experiences are more important than ever before. It’s mission critical to a nonprofit’s ability to show its impact and inspire generosity. Organizations need the right tools to deliver personalized and responsive fundraising experiences at scale. 

The RaiseDonors team are digital fundraising veterans with the experience and innovation required to expand online giving. Together, Virtuous and the RaiseDonors team will empower nonprofits to create more connected experiences and grow generosity.”

Gabe Cooper, CEO Virtuous

Through our merger with Virtuous, customers of both platforms will have access to:

  • expanded online giving options to drive increased digital donations;
  • a full-stack responsive fundraising solution, including donor-centric automation, comprehensive marketing, and personalized giving experiences;
  • text-to-give donation options to drive event and campaign-based giving;
  • enterprise-level flexibility to meet the complex needs of fundraising agencies and large nonprofits;
  • project-based giving and child sponsorship options;
  • additional merchant and payment processing options;
  • expanded premium and “cart” options for complex giving needs;
  • access to a number of integrated nonprofit technology partners;
  • and concierge consulting and services to ensure nonprofits hit their fundraising goals.

Honestly, this merger opens up so many possibilities that this list is just the beginning.

It’s about helping more nonprofits raise more donors.

All of these awesome benefits to come from our merger are exciting, but they are only a part of the long-held dream we’ve had for RaiseDonors.

“With the bench strength of Virtuous behind us, my co-founder Chris and I have an opportunity to realize the vision we set out to achieve when we launched RaiseDonors, and now we have the power to do it faster and at scale. 

We’re aligned with Virtuous on all fronts, including our vision, values and approach to customer success and innovation. Now, we have more resources and talents to accelerate the features, functions and integrations roadmap. I’m looking forward to what we’ll be able to accomplish together.”

Stephen Boudreau, co-founder of RaiseDonors

At our heart, we believe that nonprofit organizations like yours are what’s going to make this world a better place for our children and generations to come.

To bring us all closer to that better world, we need to optimize the capacity of nonprofits to grow generosity in their donors.

We’ve always wanted to do that on a larger scale, and now we feel like we’ve made a huge step forward towards that goal.

“Our founding team has been involved with digital fundraising for 20 years, and we started RaiseDonors with a dream to provide an intuitive, yet flexible giving platform. 

With the talent and leadership in Virtuous, we are primed to expand the landscape of online giving like never before and increase generosity for years to come. We are thrilled to be part of the Virtuous team and proud of the impact our nonprofit customers are making in the world.”

Chris Mechsner, co-founder of RaiseDonors.

So what can you expect going forward?

The same great fundraising platform!

We’ll continue making updates to our online giving platform based on your feedback to make RaiseDonors even better.

In that sense, nothing is changing.

We’re still as committed as ever to helping you grow your nonprofit, and that’s the heart behind this acquisition.

It’s our privilege to help you raise more donors online and grow your nonprofit so you can keep changing the world.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to us today!