[Webinar] How Your Tech Stack Should Begin with the Donor in Mind

Is your priority raising donors or is it raising dollars? The question is not if both are important—the question is about what is most important. Our answer to that question reflects in all the decisions we make: from the people we hire, to the software that runs our back office, and even the copy on our donation pages.

To be a responsive nonprofit there is no question: you must put the donor first. And putting the donor first means continuously shortening the distance between you and them.

At the 2019 Responsive Nonprofit Summit hosted by Virtuous, RaiseDonors Co-Founder Stephen Boudreau spoke about how organizations that prioritize the donor can use their tech stack to stay close to their donors and, in turn, increase their revenue.

What is responsive fundraising?

Over the last two decades or so, fundraisers have scaled their efforts to include digital outreach. They’ve added a wide variety of sophisticated approaches to their fundraising toolkit. And yet, nonprofits are finding that it’s becoming more difficult to increase repeat giving.

We know that donors are actually on the lookout for ways to engage with the causes they care most about. So where is the disconnect?

Modern donors want to know that their time and money are truly making an impact. They want to give as part of a community. They want to be part of a movement.

Responsive fundraising puts the donor at the center of all development efforts. The responsive approach builds trust and loyalty through personalized engagement with each individual. And the result is increased generosity in all forms.

For the 2019 Responsive Nonprofit Summit, Virtuous assembled leaders who understand responsive fundraising and are thinking ahead of the shifting landscape. You can watch all sessions anytime. Throughout the summit, you will discover insights, strategies and case studies that reveal the power of responsive fundraising.

Thank you to Virtuous for putting on such a valuable event!